Kindi Education’s Mind, Body & Heart Kids Camp is a short, fun-filled day program for 5 to 12-year-old students offered during school vacations. Students learn essential 21st Century Skills and partake in a range of exciting sports and challenging games. 

Each Camp has a different theme connected to the local culture, ranging from endangered animals to local plants and flowers. Students develop physical literacy, enhanced communication, improved nutrition, and kindness throughout. 

The Camp features a Student Activity Book, Treasure Hunt, and Field Trip. At the end of Camp, parents are invited to a Celebration Day where students present their learnings, demonstrate newly acquired physical skills, and enjoy family fun!

The Mind, Body & Heart Kids Camp is unique in that Kindi Education partners with organizations who have expertise in sports and physical literacy. As such, each Camp is wonderfully distinct based on the partner organization’s facilities, sports staff and location.

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Target Audience

International 5 to 12-year-old students

English Speakers

(program can also be offered in other languages upon request)

Duration & Hours

8 days during the school vacation

40 hours of 21st Century Skills, Sports & Games, Physical Literacy and Kindness





 Relationship Skills











Tae Kwon Do

Dance Choreography



Strength & Endurance

Mobility, Flexibility & Stability

Movement Skills


Kindness is facilitated by knowledge of self and others, and of how relationships work. One must communicate to be kind. Demonstrating kindness when collaborating or participating in team sports is a valuable quality.

Physical literacy goes beyond the act of playing a sport. It is a fundamental and valuable human capability that encompasses motivation, confidence, physical competence, knowledge and understanding of purposeful physical pursuits throughout a lifetime. It is associated with one’s qualities of mind and character.

*The actual sports and games at each camp are dependent upon the facilities and expertise of the partner organization. The above list is an example only.

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A typical day at Camp sees students partake in one interactive 21st Century Skills Session and two challenging Sports & Games Sessions. Students are encouraged to engage in daily acts of kindness and the camp is infused with structured reflection time. 


21st Century Skills Sessions

Led by expert teachers, and through fun activities such as drawing, role plays and group interactions, students learn and develop the key skills of self-awareness, self-management, relationship building and nutrition. Underlying it all, students improve their communication. Students can further practise these 21st Century Skills during the Sports & Games Sessions, Treasure Hunt, Field Trip and Celebration Day. 


Sports & Games Sessions

The concrete nature of sports and games is the perfect experiential environment in which learners aged 5 to 12 can authentically practice using 21st Century Skills and kindness, whilst also becoming fitter, healthier, and developing physical literacy. Led by trained sports and fitness coaches from the partner organization, students engage in warm-up activities and targeted sports skills development.


Student Activity Book 

The Student Activity Book provides the framework for all learning and reflection whereby students record and reflect on their goals, skills, acts of kindness and nutritional choices. It is a visible record of progress and habit building. It promotes the connections on Camp between Mind, Body and Heart. 



Students will focus on kindness to self and to others. Students actively list ways of being kind and explore their emotions around kindness. Kindness is a part of self-awareness, self-management, and relationships. It is intricately linked to communication and creates a better world.

Kindi Education pedagogy uses an iterative three-part process for teaching and learning: Learn, Practice, Reflect.

In this model, students are introduced to knowledge and skills, use them authentically, and reflect on their use to modify and enhance further learning.


The Mind, Body & Heart Kids Camp culminates with students celebrating their Camp achievements with friends, teachers, sports coaches and parents. Students individually present their Activity Book (a self-created record of experiences engaged in and skills learned) to their parents or guardians. They also have the opportunity to demonstrate their physical learning to all Celebration Day guests. Entertainment and activities such as dancing, yoga, face-painting and live music allow students and parents to have fun, party and bid farewell to Camp in style!

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