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Our mission is to prepare all students for life inside and outside the classroom by nurturing curiosity and open-mindedness.


At Kindi Education we believe that school, college or university are just the first steps in a process of life-long learning. While formal education helps build students’ knowledge and skills, it is ultimately their experiences beyond the classroom that shape their character and choices. With the curiosity to ask critical questions and the open-mindedness to challenge their thinking, students can better navigate the complexities of modern life.


We offer dynamic short courses to develop 21st Century life skills alongside academic success. We currently offer:


Great educators should never stop learning. At Kindi Education we learn through collaborating with inspiring experts around the world. We embrace innovative and research-led methodology and teaching practices.

We consult with International School Directors, Safeguarding Specialists, University Professors and Educational Consultants to develop our short courses. They all tell us that essential life skills aren’t prioritised enough in formal education. Our research, including NESTA’s report on the future of employment in 2030, highlights the increasing importance of social and higher-order cognitive skills. Kindi Education exists to bridge this skills gap.