The expertise of our core team informs Kindi Education’s philosophy and approach to teaching and learning, as well as our courses and programs.

James Medina

Founder & Managing Director

Christine Amiss

Advisor & Project Based Learning Expert

Tana Ebaugh

Head of Curriculum & Training

Zhenya Polosatova

Lead Trainer & 21st Century Skills Expert

Dr. Mahmoud Jeidani

Academic Skills Expert

Claudia Loughran

English Language Expert



I was born in Bristol and studied for my undergraduate degree at the School of Oriental & African Studies (SOAS), University of London. SOAS is an amazing place to study due to the diversity of its faculty and student body. My time there undoubtedly helped shape my views and outlook on life. As a mature student, in 2018, I studied for my master’s degree at Coventry University – a modern institution with a strong sense of community that offers impressive academic support.

I started my career as an English Language Instructor teaching on various programs in the UK, China and Somalia. I then spent four years working at the Technical & Vocational Training Colleges (TVTC) of Saudi Arabia – first as an instructor and then as a Site Director. I was fortunate to work with TVTC across the country in cities such as Hail, Arar, Al-Khobar and Riyadh. For two years (2015-2016) I worked at the MiSK Foundation setting up a brand-new K-12 international school in Riyadh. I was the Board Representative and Executive Assistant to the Chairman of the MiSK Schools Board. After completing my master’s degree I founded Kindi Education in 2019, with a mission to offer forward-thinking short courses in 21st Century Skills that foster students’ curiosity and open-mindedness.

I’m inspired by leaders and educators who never lose their desire to learn!

English, Spanish, French & Arabic 

Countries Worked In
UK, China, Somalia & Saudi Arabia


Hello! Working in the field of education with a focus on skills and kindness is a dream. I have made my way to this place in life by obtaining a Bachelors in Psychology from the University of Oregon, a Masters in Teaching from the School for International Training, and becoming a Licensed Teacher Trainer with World Learning.

Currently residing internationally, I have been working in the USA, southeast Asia and Middle East for the past 20 years with K-12 schools, community colleges, universities, and language learning institutions. I have worked as a teacher, a teacher trainer, a trainer of trainers, and an educational consultant.

At graduate school I was introduced to the concept of “unconditional positive regard”, which, along with other personal life experiences, informs how I choose to move through the world. The UNESCO-MGIEP organization with their focus on social-emotional skills and kindness is a major inspiration for the work that I do. Curiosity and a sense of adventure define me. A lifelong learner—I am fascinated with cosmology and math; I indulge in swimming and art and the exploring of cultures.

English, with a smattering of Spanish and Thai

Countries Worked In
USA, Thailand, South Korea, China, Micronesia, Cambodia, Saudi Arabia & Bahrain


I consider myself fortunate to have gained education from multiple sources and perspectives. Educated in London, my hometown, I earned my Bachelor of Education (Hons) at the University of London. Whilst working in the USA, I studied at Johns Hopkins University earning my Master of Liberal Arts. As I defined my career in education I gained qualifications in school leadership, supervision, teacher training, project management and curriculum development. More recently my interest in inquiry-based teaching and learning manifested itself in Project Based Learning where I studied with the PBL Works Institute.

I am proud to be a career educator and my experience includes working in state/public schools in the UK and USA plus international schools in Hong Kong.  My roles included being a K-12 teacher, school leader, professional developer, curriculum developer, publisher, researcher and mentor. I was offered a role in the academic division of the International Baccalaureate Organization in The Hague. This unique opportunity further broadened my perspective as I gained first-hand experience on how education was developed and implemented in many countries and languages.  More recently my career took me back to the USA working for an organization that established new schools developed around inquiry-based and project based learning. I am now an independent consultant and honoured to be a member of Kindi Education’s team. 

The creativity, curiosity and imagination of educators and students has fueled my passion for the world of education. Increasingly I have become inspired by the emphasis educators place on social emotional learning. The shape of and vision for education in the future fascinates me as the education world is having to evolve faster than ever before. To keep myself grounded in the present I am passionate about dance, theatre and world literature.

English and some French

Countries Worked In
UK, USA, Hong Kong, Singapore and The Netherlands


The MA program I took in Ukraine was a ‘blend’ of two majors: Psychology and TESOL. Being a student I was wondering what kind of occupation could accommodate such a combination, so becoming an ELT professional was an excellent solution, as I was able to bring together my knowledge and interest in Psychology and teaching skills to complement each other.

I started out as an English teacher in Ukraine and taught at International House school working with (very) young learners, teenagers and adults for about 10 years. I was also an Academic Coordinator and a Managing Partner of the school, and later became a Teacher Trainer and Trainer Coach with World Learning SIT Graduate Institute. At some point I realized that my curiosity pushes me to explore the world beyond one school, or even one country, so I started to freelance and consult. In the past 10 years I ran courses for teachers internationally (online and face-to-face), coached new trainers, designed curriculum and courses, co-organized professional development events, and blogged.

My mantra is ‘inspired teachers inspire learners’
. I am inspired and energized by educational collaborations, creative curriculum design projects and unconventional professional development events for teachers and teacher trainers. I often get inspired by non-professional occupations and activities, such as (trail) running, hiking, walking, and traveling.

Ukrainian, Russian and English

Countries Worked In
have been fortunate to work with teachers and trainers on long and short courses in Tajikistan, Poland, USA, South Korea, Thailand, Burma/Myanmar, Lebanon, Turkey, Moldova, Morocco, Kuwait, and my native Ukraine.


I was born in Damascus, Syria, where I completed high school and gained my BA in English Literature and Linguistics. It was then that I developed my analytical skills of the English Language and graduated with a view towards completing my postgraduate studies. At Warwick University (UK), I completed my MA in English Language Studies and Methods, and a PhD in Applied Linguistics (specifically in English Phonology). Subsequently, I took up various university teaching positions in the United Kingdom.

I have taught on English for Academic Purposes (EAP) Courses at a number of UK universities (Southampton, Warwick, and Coventry University). I have developed a practical perspective to teaching and teach international students of different backgrounds and age groups, thus enriching my experience in intercultural communication. Currently I am an EAP Lecturer at The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

I have always been inspired by my greatest teachers who pushed me to succeed.

English, Arabic and German

Countries Worked In
United Kingdom and Hong Kong


Kindi Education’s learning and teaching culture informs its choice of staff. Our staff members are role models. We choose highly qualified experts from a diverse international pool to facilitate learning, be flexible to participants’ needs, radiate enthusiasm and exhibit cultural awareness. Above all else, we expect our staff members to challenge themselves and others, as well as promote kindness.

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If you see yourself being part of the Kindi Education team, have an enthusiasm for lifelong learning and engage in unconditional positive regard for others, contact us for a conversation.

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