James Medina

JAMES MEDINA – Managing Director

Prior to founding Kindi Education, James worked in the international education sector for six years. For three years he taught English to children and adults in the UK, Africa and Saudi Arabia. He then worked as a Site Director for eighteen months developing and managing English language programs for the Saudi Technical and Vocational Training Corporation (TVTC). Subsequently, he took on a two-year senior leadership role acting as the Board Representative for a major charitable foundation in Riyadh setting up a forward-thinking K-12 International Baccalaureate (IB) school.

After returning to the UK in 2017 and embarking on postgraduate study, James actively began to reflect on his own learning as a mature student and on the approaches to education that he had encountered when working abroad. The idea for Kindi Education was born out of James’ belief that the best educators in life always encourage their students to challenge themselves, as well as respectfully challenge others. Kindi Education’s short courses will therefore encourage students to learn from themselves and from their peers, just as much as they learn from their teachers. James is confident that, through nurturing genuine curiosity and open-mindedness in the classroom, Kindi Education can challenge its students’ preconceptions, break down stereotypes and foster cross-cultural understanding.

James holds a BA from the University of London, a Cambridge Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA), a Level 7 Certificate in Strategic Management & Leadership from the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) and an MA in Security Studies from Coventry University. In his free time, James enjoys learning languages, traveling, playing squash and reading about current- affairs. He loves living in Birmingham – a city proud of its diversity that has become an important hub for further education, business and culture.

Alice Kestell

ALICE KESTELL – Head of Curriculum & Training

A qualified teacher with ten years’ experience developing international curricula, Alice is passionate about inspiring and inclusive education. Prior to working at Kindi Education, Alice managed education projects at various not-for-profit organisations. These diverse roles included supporting young people leaving the care system, encouraging girls to consider a career in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM), and mentoring vulnerable children at risk of dropping out of school. For the past three years Alice has worked as an Education Consultant, priding herself on developing curricula that are challenging and thought-provoking, on themes such as computer science and gender equality for a range of clients including the United Nations (UN) and World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

Alice has developed Kindi Education’s International Summer Academy curriculum, centred on 21st Century life skills and leadership, in collaboration with subject experts including International School Directors and Project Based Learning specialists. Her responsibilities at Kindi Education also include recruiting and training the teaching staff, monitoring and evaluating the curriculum and supporting the development of other courses including the Master’s Degree Preparation Programme.

Alice holds a BA from the University of Leeds, as well as a Post-Graduate Certificate of Education (PGCE) and Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) from Kingston University. She spends a lot of time volunteering in different communities, for example providing homework support for vulnerable teenagers and organising events with homeless people. She also teaches English and French to refugees and asylum seekers and is proud to be a Trustee for ONERio, an organisation supporting Brazilian children from the Morro do Castro favela to achieve through rugby and education.

Dr. Mahmoud Jeidani

DR. MAHMOUD JEIDANI – Curriculum Developer (English for Academic Purposes)

With a life-long interest in language studies, Mahmoud holds an MA in English Language Studies & Methods, as well as a PhD in Applied Linguistics (specialisation English Phonology) from the University of Warwick. For the past ten years Mahmoud has been teaching English for Academic Purposes (EAP) at a number of high-ranking British universities: University of Warwick, University of Southampton and Coventry University. His career has enabled him to reflect on a range of EAP practices and become finely tuned to the academic needs and challenges faced by home and international students from around the world.

Mahmoud’s passion is to devise methods and approaches that help explain the various features of EAP (the medium through which students’ academic performance is assessed). He is always keen to point out that EAP is not intuitive and must be learnt even by students for whom English is a first language. For this reason, and reflecting on his broad experience tutoring and lecturing, Mahmoud is committed to teaching EAP using specific and tangible materials. He does this in such a way that the study of academic skills becomes accessible, meaningful and enjoyable to students.

Outside the classroom, Mahmoud is interested in learning German and French, reading English literature, and cycling. His role at Kindi Education is to develop and oversee its intensive Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree Preparation Programmes.

Dr. Mahmoud Jeidani

CLAUDIA LOUGHRAN – English Language Examiner

Claudia has nine years’ experience teaching English as a Foreign Language (EFL) in the United Kingdom, Russia and the Middle East. She has taught a diverse range of students from Petroleum Engineering graduates in Libya to young women preparing for tertiary studies at Princess Noura University in Saudi Arabia. She has also been part of the teaching team on bespoke English language courses for young adults from prestigious high schools in Moscow and Tokyo. Claudia now specialises in IELTS exam preparation and mostly conducts private lessons online.

Before entering the world of English Language teaching, Claudia worked in Communications for two Westminster Members of Parliament (MPs) and was responsible for organising their election campaigns. This included managing vast networks of volunteers, producing campaign literature and managing websites and social media presence.

Claudia holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of London and a Cambridge Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA). In her free time, Claudia enjoys photography and international travel. She has travelled to over 70 countries and is constantly learning more about the world we live in. Claudia is Kindi Education’s English Language Curriculum Consultant & Examiner.

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