Kindi Education, founded in 2019, was born from the learnings and experiences of its founding team members. We believe in embracing life and living it without fear — be it in the classroom, workplace or in society. We also believe that wellbeing in learning and life are closely connected; and that education is the key to building healthy, diverse and inclusive communities.

Kindi Education offers dynamic short courses that develop essential 21st Century Skills and prepare students for academic or employment success. All of our courses facilitate meaningful, authentic experiences that better prepare young people for their future. With access to quality education that focuses on identifying and tackling real world challenges, we believe that young people will have the courage and power to create a better future in which kindness, empathy, holistic wellbeing and lifelong learning lie at the heart of society.


Our mission is to prepare young people for success in their academic, professional and personal lives by nurturing the joy of curiosity and open-mindedness.


At Kindi Education we believe that school, college or university are just the first steps in a process of life-long learning. While formal education builds learners’ knowledge and skills, it is their experiences in life that will ultimately shape their character and choices. With the curiosity to ask critical questions and the open-mindedness to challenge their thinking, we believe that learners can better navigate the complexities of modern life. A young person who can collaborate and lead with compassion, demonstrate empathy for others, develop creative ideas, separate fact from fiction and better understand the future-workplace within the context of automation, is far better prepared for their future.


Great educators should never stop learning. At Kindi Education we learn through collaborating with inspiring experts around the world. We embrace innovative and research-led methodology and teaching practices.

We consult with International School Directors, Education Consultants, University Professors and Business Leaders to develop our short courses. They all tell us that essential life skills aren’t prioritized enough in formal education. Our research, including NESTA’s report on the future of employment in 2030, highlights the increasing importance of social and higher-order cognitive skills. Kindi Education exists to bridge this skills gap. For further information please see our APPROACH page.



Developing Key 21st Century Skills, Physical Literacy and Kindness

Kindi Education’s Mind, Body & Heart Kids Camp is a fun-filled eight-day, 40-hour camp for 5 to 12-year-old students. Offered during school vacations, it features key 21st-Century Skills, Sports & Games, a themed Field Trip and exciting Family Celebration Day.


Developing Leaders for the Future

Kindi Education’s International Summer Leadership Academy is a three-week, 100-hour leadership program for 14 to 17-year-old English speakers from around the world.


Developing Human Capital Through Essential 21st Century Skills

Kindi Education’s International Employment Skills Course is a four-week, 100-hour program for university students or recent graduates at the beginning of their professional careers.


Developing Essential Academic and 21st Century Skills for University Success

Kindi Education’s University Preparation Program is a four-week, 110-hour program for individuals entering Bachelors or Masters degree programs.

Kindi Education’s team of English language experts provide tailored support to learners for whom English is a second language. The mental health and wellbeing of our learners is also of major importance. All of our short courses are therefore safe spaces in which learners have access to dedicated social support.

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